Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Academy Day

The Academy Day

The school dining hall is open from 8am for breakfast. Students in receipt of pupil premium are eligible for a reduced price breakfast
Key Stage 3
Pupils on site 8.45am
Period 19.00-10.00am
Period 210.00-11.00am
Period 311.15am-12.15pm
Period 4 (includes 30-minute lunchtime)12.15-1.45pm
Period 51.45-2.45pm
Registration/Assembly 2.45-3.00pm
End of school day3.00pm


Key Stage 4
Pupils on site 8.45
Period 19.00-10.00
Period 210.00-11.00
Period 311.15-12.15
Period 412.15-13.15
Key Stage 3 Lunch13.15-13.45
Period 513.45-14.45
Registration/Assembly 14.45-15.00
Pupils leave 15.00


Accessing the Academy

Students should access and exit the Academy by the pedestrian entrances on Rawcliffe Lane and Water Lane. If pupils are cycling to the Academy, they must dismount before entering the site. Students can then access the building via the courtyard. 


Before school 

The Academy is open to from 8.30am for Breakfast Club. Between 8.30-8.45am students are only allowed to be in the dining hall, the courtyard or Aspire. Students are not allowed on the corridors before the bell sounds at 8.45am. 



At lunchtime students can use the sports hall, dining room and field. Access to other parts of the Academy is not allowed.

Unable to attend

If your child is unwell or unable to attend school for any reason, please telephone 01904 560057 by 8.45am.



Holidays will not be authorised during term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Please see the school calendar for a list of holiday dates