Principal - Gill Mills
Principal - Gill Mills


Everyone’s Invited

Everyone’s Invited

Over the last few months we have all seen the numerous media reports about the testimonies written on the Everyone’s Invited website.

The testimonies provided are incredibly upsetting and the behaviour that is described in these testimonies is completely unacceptable and in most cases would certainly constitute a serious sexual offence.

At the moment, the reports that are surrounding these testimonies are very much focused on the role of the school. These testimonies involve children and young people in schools and universities, and cover a wide range of circumstances and situations, often outside of educational settings, for example at parties. These testimonies have highlighted wider, deep-rooted issues in society, which need to be addressed by us all, including the community, schools and parents.

We need parents and carers to support us in talking to their children about how they behave towards others and how they can keep themselves safe outside of school and the home, both online and off.

Within our Trust and as a school, we recognise our role in keeping children and young people safe, of instilling good values in young people and respect for one another and of being safe places for young people to seek support and guidance.

Our school is committed to ensuring that all areas of safeguarding are constantly reviewed and amended, meeting all legislative and statutory requirements.

We have developed a positive, inclusive and supportive Relationship and Sex Education Curriculum, including provision during periods of remote education, to ensure that it engages students in age appropriate discussion within a safe environment. In addition, robust policies and procedures are in place to handle any report of sexual violence or sexual harassment.

Fundamentally, an understanding for all pupils of healthy relationships, acceptable behaviour and the right of everyone to equal treatment helps ensure that pupils respect each other and go on to be understanding and kind adults.  We explicitly teach respect, honesty, kindness and tolerance.

Parents and students can find out more about school level curriculum here or by contacting us by email.

Sexual violence and sexual harassment are not acceptable, will never be tolerated and is not an inevitable part of growing up. They will not ever be tolerated in our school and any report from our pupils will always be dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.

If you’d like to report a safeguarding issue or have concerns related to mental health, you can do so by clicking this link. Anything you write will be sent anonymously.