Principal - Gill Mills
Principal - Gill Mills


Vale of York Society

The Vale of York Society is our fantastic parent group who are a huge asset to the school community.

Founded in 2015, the group was originally named Friends of Canon Lee and was formed to raise funds for the school and to organise celebrations for Canon Lee’s 75th Anniversary. As the school began to grow in size, so too did the group and when the school name changed to Vale of York Academy, Friends of Canon Lee became Vale of York Society. The group continues to maintain a very healthy membership of 12 – 15 volunteers and is always very welcoming of anyone who wishes to get involved.

What are our aims?

Vale of York Society has three main aims:

1) Provide additional funding for resources and projects that will add value to pupils’ educational experience.

2) Support enrichment opportunities by volunteering at events.

3) Raise the profile of Vale of York Academy in the community.

What do we do?

Vale of York Society meet on a termly basis to discuss and plan upcoming projects and events. Members take a responsibility for organising a particular part of, for example, The Christmas Fair, before attending to run the event or project. Vale of York Society members also support calendared school events such as Open Evenings, concerts, plays and sports events.

During the termly meetings, the group also consider funding bids from staff and students at Vale of York Academy. These bids have two main requirements:

1) The bid should benefit numerous children.

2) There should be longevity in the resource or service being purchased.

Some examples of successful funding bids can be seen below:

  • Intricate models of the brain for Psychology students
  • Heart rate monitors for PE students
  • Sensory resources for students with Special Educational Needs
  • Gardening equipment to support the school’s alternative provision
  • Specialist headphones and splitters for GCSE Music students
  • A new sound desk for the Drama department
  • Electrical components for Physics
  • New books for the library
  • Cushions and bean bags for the Student Mentoring Team

Interested in joining us?

Being part of the group can involve as much or as little of a commitment as you wish. You’ll be made very welcome and it’s a great way to meet other parents, learn about Vale of York Academy.

If you would like to know more information or would just like to come along to the next meeting, then please contact Rob Orr E: