Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Options – Open Subjects

Open Option Subjects

Open subjects are all the other subjects available for students to choose from. Students have a freedom of choice to select subjects which they find interesting, engaging and have demonstrated an aptitude for over Key Stage 3. The range of subjects is very broad, however, the school retains the final decision over which courses run from September 2021. If a subject has less than 15 students selecting it, it is unlikely this course will run. In this instance students’ preference choices will be applied.

(EBacc subjects also appear in the options subjects listed as students may wish to select two or more of these).

Subject videos

The following videos on this page tell you everything you need to know about the Open Option subjects.

(You can also click on these links to see Core Subject videos, EBacc Subject videos and Study Plus videos.)

GCSE Art & Design
GCSE Business Studies
GCSE Computer Science
OCR Cambridge National Creative Media Studies
OCR Cambridge National Design Engineering
GCSE Drama
GCSE Food and Nutrition
GCSE Geography
OCR Cambridge National Health and Social Care
GCSE History
GCSE Modern Foreign Languages
GCSE Music
GCSE Photography
GCSE Physical Education
GCSE Psychology
GCSE Religious Studies
GCSE Separate Science
OCR Cambridge National Sport Science
GCSE Textile Design


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