It’s a mystery for Vale students

For the second year running, students and staff from Vale of York Academy will be getting involved with the York Mystery Plays.

The York Mystery Plays are a theatrical spectacle performed by the communities of the City of York. Originally a set of 48 plays performed by the medieval Guilds of York, they illustrate the Christian history of the world from the Creation to the Last Judgement. They contain stories of delight, humour, horror, temptation and resistance.

For 2018, we have selected eleven to tell the story from Creation to Last Judgement. In a new approach to the plays, each is presented as a partnership, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. In the same way that the modern and medieval plays comment on each other, so do these paired stories.

Students from Vale of York Academy will take part in the story of temptation, ‘The Coopers’ Play: The Fall of Man’.

The Mystery Plays will take place in September across York presenting a really exciting opportunity for budding actors, screenwriters, and directors.

Find out more about the Mystery Plays. 

29 March 2018 


We are looking to recruit an Advanced Teaching Assistant, to work 25 hrs per week, term-time only, with groups of students and/or individuals. If you would like to work at our amazing school and within @HopeSentamuLT take a look: Closes 1 November.