Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Our Results*

We are really proud of our students and are determined to maintain an environment where students grow, learn and develop to the best of their academic ability.

We are proud of our staff who ensure all students’ needs are met through a personalised education which enables them to flourish and become well rounded citizens and reach their full potential.

Our Key stage 4 (KS4) Results 2015-2016

Headline Outcomes  (amended to reflect 2016 DfE measures)

Progress 8-0.28
Attainment 848.6
A8 target51.2
A*-C Maths and English55.9
A*-C Maths and English DFE target58.0
EBACC %27.5
Maths Residual-0.16
English Residual-0.47
Ebacc Residual
Other Residual-0.28
A*-C X5 including English & Maths %52.9
2016 compared to 2015
.P8P8%5A*-C E/M%5A*-C E/M
Whole cohort-0.47
Upper ability on entry-0.79-0.17
Middle ability on entry-0.33-0.404434
Lower ability on entry-0.31-0.0690
  • These results are accurate as of the October 6 2016, namely after the DfE published their 2016 performance measures.
  • These results reflect the hard work of the students and staff.
  • They demonstrate a significant improvement in both attainment and progress measure upon the two years prior.
  • Key performance gaps are narrowing (sub group measures)
  • These results are in line with national performance.
  • These outcomes provide strong evidence to confirm that effective actions being taken by the leadership team at the school to address any priorities identified by Ofsted.
Our Key stage 4 (KS4) results 2014-15
  • % of pupils who achieved a C or above in 5 subjects including English and Maths = 45%
A*-C% including English &Maths45%
English A*-C%49%
Progress English Expected36%
Progress English More than Expected5%
Maths A*-C%67%
Progress Maths Expected56%
Progress Maths More than Expected26%
English A*-C%21%
PP Progress English Expected15%
PP Progress English More than Expected4%
Maths A*-C%54%
PP Progress Maths Expected33%
PP Progress Maths More than Expected4%
EBACC Entries Achieved32%
Our Key stage 4 (KS4) results 2013-14
  • % of pupils who achieved a C or above in 5 subjects including English and Maths = 43%
  • % of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate = 22%
  • % of pupils who achieved the minimum expected progress for: English = 39%, Maths = 48%

Vale of York Academy would like to wish all students success with their move to sixth forms and colleges within the city.

Additional information relating to the school’s results can be viewed via the Department for Education’s School Performance Tables.