Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Shannon Horner

Left: 2013

First Class Honours Cambridge

Name: Shannon Horner

Achievement: First Class Honours Cambridge

Year of leaving school: 2013

I was at Canon Lee from 2008-2013 (Mr Geary’s tutor group). Academically, I went on to a sixth form in Doncaster (where I moved too) and was lucky enough to be offered a place at the University of Cambridge. I went on to study BA (Hons) Psychological and Behavioural Sciences there at Magdalene College, and graduated last June with a 2:1. Sports wise I went on to Captain the women’s university football team (2nds) and played in 3 varsity games against Oxford. By far, it was the best experience of my life. I would love everyone at Canon Lee to dream that big because it really was the best 3 years of my life! Currently, I am finishing my Masters of Science at the University of Nottingham in Mental Health: Research and Practice, which finishes in 2-weeks. I have also secured my first job as a support worker in a low and medium secure hospital, which again starts in 2-weeks.

I really feel passionate about young adults from working class backgrounds realising they can achieve anything. I was involved in access events at Cambridge to ensure children from all backgrounds felt like they could apply and have faith in being successful. And never once in my 3-years did I feel ‘poor’ or ‘not good enough’ or anything that you are stereotyped to feel as a ‘working class student’. So, hopefully this inspires maybe just one student!


Friday 24th June - city athletics semi finals and we took 46 talented pupils in all year groups and events! Team VOY did very well today with a good array of 🥇🥈🥉 Well done to all the pupils, you were totally awesome 😎 results to follow on Monday 🏆…