Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Enrichment day – Year 7 creative chemistry

Dr A Hodgeson did amazing experiments with our year 7's

WOW!!! What an amazing day! Our students did us proud— such fantastic representatives of our school.

So why do we run enrichment days? It gives us chance to move beyond the constraints of the curriculum, and allow our students to explore issues around safety, health and relationships, team building, British Values, and careers. It allows us to take a break from the demands of our subject specialisms and see our students in a completely different light.

Year 7 were team building with STEM ambassadors—who could build the biggest tetrahedron? Dr Annie Hodgson from the University of York brought her chemistry showcase—and many of our year 7 students were actually able to take part in some of her amazing experiments!