Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Vale of York launches

Thank you to the whole community for your support in introducing the new uniform. The children look fantastically smart and although I know there will be some sceptics, this really has had an impact on how children have neem responding in school. “Smart look, smart minds smart approaches” springs to mind. I’d like to thank parents for working hard to support this continually every day. Sadly, a couple children have started to misplace items of their uniform. Please will you ensure that your child’s clothes are labelled – especially their tank-top and blazer. This way if something goes missing we can get it back to its rightful owner straight away. We only have a very small stock of uniform spare; perhaps as time progresses, parents will use the Keal team wear shop or websites to have one on and one in the wash.

As you drive up to the school we are now fully re-branded and our entry way is looking particular impressive. A number of visitors to school have already said how much easier it is to know where they are going and how the new signage really raises the profile of the school.

Vale of York Academy