Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Happy New Year!

We have got off to a flying start as Vale of York Academy; a new super uniform, new signage, new firmer behaviour rules, Options Evening for year 9 and Parent’s Evening for year 9 too. At Parent’s Evening we always take feedback; your views are always of the upmost importance to us and the outcomes of the survey are shown. There are two clear areas to address in this survey:


Contact and support: Prior to Christmas introduced a new “responding to parents policy” and I hope that as the year progresses we will improve further – you should always get a reply form the staff member you try to contact on the day of calling – even if this is simply to day they will be in touch for more detail as soon as they have availability. Where staff have returned calls and left a message on answerphones, reception are told that they have done this, so if you phone back you know why you have not been spoken to in person.

Website: We have been working on this for a couple of months ahead of acadamisation and the old website has been in mothballs. Please use the contact us section on the website and give us feedback – It is always welcome.

Percentage of Year 9 Parents “Happy” or “Very Happy” in each area:

How do you feel your son/daughter has settled into the new school year?
How do you feel concerning the quality of teaching your child is receiving?
How do you feel about the information you receive from the school concerning your child’s targets and progress?
How do you feel about the general support and guidance your child receives?
How do you feel about knowing who to contact at school for this support?
If you have made contact since September how do you feel about the support you have received?
How do you feel about the information and quality of our school website?
Overall, how do you feel about your child’s education at Vale of York Academy?


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