Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


February Key stage focus

Key stage 3

It’s options month here at Vale of York. Year 9 have submitted their GCSE option choices and Year 8 are just about to start the process.

These are important decisions to be made by our students; taking the time to apply careful thought to these choices ensures that their options will form the first stepping stone in their pathway to Higher Education, and ultimately their chosen career.

Key stage 4

As the half term approaches, Year 11 students are working on completion of controlled assessments and starting revision for more mocks or tests ahead. February half term should be an opportunity to recharge batteries for you Year 11’s but also to start preparing for the exams ahead. We have seen a real shift in many attitudes, with improved performance and attendance at interventions in and after school. Some teachers give up time in the school holidays to make sure even more support is available.

Please keep encouraging your child to attend these invaluable support lessons. Year 10 have been preparing for theyr work experience placements this half term; they should now have handed all the paperwork into Mrs Brown as he deadline has lapsed. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the world of work, and gain some valuable insight into working practices in a range of settings. Year 10 will be out from 8th May until 12th May 2017. Homework is still a concern for some of our year 10 students; some students are failing to record it in their planners and some are late handing it in. Please support us by checking homework has been completed, and enquiring about what had been set if it is not written in their planner.

KS focus