Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


February Bringing the community together

The busy start to the year has continued with a range of positive activities and initiatives for our young people and the school’s partners.

At the start of February, Mr Orr had the pleasure of visiting Clifton Green Primary school to deliver Handball sessions to Year 5. He was hugely impressed by their team work, effort and how quickly they picked the sport up.

We were also delighted to host a year 2 football tournament between teams from lakeside and Clifton with  Rawcliffe. There was a great atmosphere and it was fantastic to be able to welcome so many parents and supporters to the event. Our Sports Leaders, Joe Hobson and Taylor Waddington, were superb at officiating the games also!  

It was great to welcome John Hattam from Clifton Green to do assembles for our Key Stage 4 students. He did brilliant presentation around opportunities available to access careers in childcare, regardless of gender or background.

Mrs Haig, Mrs Browes and the Year 10 language team put on a superb event for year 5 pupils from Clifton Green and Burton Green. There were loads of fun activities that gave our primary visitors a taste of the French language. Everyone involved did a superb job and the pupils worked brilliantly! We are looking forward to the next one.

A very positive Friday afternoon was had by some of our Year 10 students with Jill Langdale and DI Lambert from the City of York Council. They came in to begin training on a new peer mentoring scheme that is being driven by Phoebe Kilvington, who has shown a lot of passion for the project. We’ll keep you up to date with how the group is getting on.

Finally we have a new community board so if you have anything you would like our young people to be aware of, please get in touch with Mr Orr at and follow our Community Twitter account @canonleecomco


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