Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Primary children get a taste of languages

As part of its mission to encourage children in its care to make the most of new opportunities and ease the transition from primary to secondary school, Vale of York Academy has held the latest in a series of Primary Taster sessions.

More than 40 Year 4 children from Skelton, Burton Green and Clifton With Rawcliffe Primary Schools enjoyed a session called Lovin’ Languages this week.

The pupils enjoyed a range of activities which included singing, dancing and tongue twisters which all used the French language and they also had an insight into the culture and traditions of our European neighbours.

The session was hosted by Modern Foreign Language teachers from Vale of York, Mr Mulhearn and Madame Gillard.

Rob Orr, Community Coordinator at Vale of York Academy said: “Feedback for Lovin’ Languages from the primary school staff and children was extremely positive and we hope it has inspired them to “continuez” to enjoy languages in the future!

“This academic year, Vale of York Academy has seen the highest Year 7 intake for a long while and we are committed to continuing this mutual work with our feeder primary schools, to ensure that young people have access to a wealth of opportunities but also get the opportunity to experience being in a secondary school environment before they leave primary school.”

Other activities which take place in the Primary Taster series include: a Science Showcase, a Pick and Mix event where children can experience bite-size lessons across a range of subjects, Creative and Performing Arts showcase, a Design and Technology workshop and various sporting events and competitions.

For further information on the Primary Taster programme, please contact Rob Orr E: T: 01904 560000.

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