Holly Walker

Left: 2008

Probation Officer

Name: Holly Walker

Achievement: Probation Officer

Year of leaving school: 2008

I went to Canon Lee from 2003 to 2008. I went on to York College and completed a National Diploma in Uniformed Public Services. I then went to the University of Leeds and completed a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice where I achieved a 2:1. 

When I completed University in 2013 I wanted to become a Probation Officer but wanted to gain some life experience as I felt I needed to do this before applying as in my view it is a serious job. I wanted to enjoy being able to earn money. I initially worked at Sainsbury’s as a customer assistant and within a year I trained to become a duty manager in a convenience store. I spent three years at Sainsbury’s,  and whilst doing this I did some volunteering as a custody visitor on an evening and weekend to gain some experience working with individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

I went on to apply for a graduate job in Probation. I was successful and spent the first 15 months completing my training which involved doing another degree at Sheffield Hallam alongside working full time gaining experience in the field. I started in 2016 and continue to work for the National Probation Service managing high risk of harm offenders. It is a tough job, a lot of responsibility but at times a very rewarding role which I enjoy. There are many different areas to go into, I am currently in the Community but will be moving to Full Sutton Prison in the New Year to do the same role. 


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