Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh


Chloe Hetherington

Left: 2011

Masters in Forensics

Name: Chloe Hetherington

Achievement: Masters in Forensics

Year of leaving school: 2011

I went to Liverpool John Moore’s University where I did my undergraduate degree in Forensic Anthropology. This is where scientists look at skeletons and figure out who they were and how they died. This is really important in criminal investigations but also in historical contexts (you may have seen York’s very own King Richard III was found buried in a car park). 

After I graduated, I went on to a sixth month contract with North Yorkshire Police, where I worked as a Typing and Secretarial Support Officer for the Major Incident Team. 

When my contract had ended I decided to do my Masters degree in Forensic Anthropology back in Liverpool. During this year, I did research on how maggots fed on decomposed tissues and looked at how this helped work out time of death. For this research, I won first place for my poster at the British Association of Human Identification. 

I was also in the final five nominees in the Biology category for the Ernst and Young Nova Prize in conjunction with The Tab newspaper. 

I am now studying for my PGCE at The University of York and am currently placed in All Saints School! I had the most influential science teachers at Canon Lee and I have always imagined myself following in their footsteps. Now I get to do the job I love and hopefully inspire others to have a career in science. 


Friday 24th June - city athletics semi finals and we took 46 talented pupils in all year groups and events! Team VOY did very well today with a good array of 🥇🥈🥉 Well done to all the pupils, you were totally awesome 😎 results to follow on Monday 🏆…