Principal - Toby Eastaugh
Principal - Toby Eastaugh



Curriculum aim

The Mathematics department aims to provide and develop the key skills required for young people to go out in to the world and succeed. Mathematics provides a toolkit for life, which equips students with not only numerical ability, but also more importantly the techniques and approaches needed to solve problems thrown their way. Mathematics is so much more than operations with numbers, it
is the ability to assimilate and identify key information and use it to provide answers.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum overview

In KS3 all students will 
learn how to develop 
their knowledge, skills 
and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts including number, algebra, ratio, proportion and rates of change, geometry and measures, probability and statistics. Key Stage 3 is vital for developing all the essential skills needed at GCSE level.

A committed team of maths teachers at the Vale of York Academy strive to help every child develop a love of Mathematics.

Homework will be set weekly. A scientific calculator is required for all pupils from year 7, (we recommend parents purchase a Casio Calculator). Geometry sets are desirable.

From Year 7 students are set using their KS2 maths results. Regular assessment points throughout the year review these sets.

Please take a look at the Maths overview for information about what students will study at KS3.

KS4 curriculum

Pupils begin the GCSE syllabus in Year 9.

We follow the Edexcel 9-1 GCSE course at either Higher (grades 4 – 9)  or Foundation (grades 1-5) depending on the individual needs of the pupil.

Maths GCSE consists of three 1 hour 30 min exams (1 non calculator, 2 calculator) sat in Year 11.

Students will be regularly tested throughout KS4 developing exam skills to enable them to achieve their maximum in the final exams in Year 11.

Please take a look at the Maths overview for information about what students will study at KS4.

Useful revision resources is an excellent resource where pupils are able to watch videos on every topic covered in the maths curriculum across KS3 and KS4.

Every student has a personal login so they can access any homework tasks set by teachers, as well as being able to do revision in their own time.

Login details:


password: multiply


Other useful websites include: – excellent revision videos – past papers available – here you can find a full  GCSE specification

Keep in touch
Subject Lead for Maths is Miss Ward who can be contacted by email at



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